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[BAD] Sony 10-18mm vs Canon 10-18mm

PLEASE NOTE: The Sony 10-18mm in this video is a decentered (poor) copy. The results of this comparison are void.

Sony 10-18mm on Amazon:
Canon 10-18mm on Amazon:
Sigma MC-11 Adapter:

In this video I compare the Sony 10-18mm SEL1018 lens to the Canon EF-S 10-18mm with the Sigma MC-11 adapter. All shots are taken with the A6300 using autofocus. As mentioned in the video, this modified combo does not allow autofocus in video mode.

Primary Camera:
Backup Camera:
10-18mm Lens:
18-105mm Lens:
35mm Lens:
50mm Lens:
Camera Batteries:
Audio Recorder:


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